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A glimpse into the history of telecommunication

Sepsi Teletár preserves and shares the rich heritage of the telecommunications industry by providing insight into the history through the displayed devices, which are still mostly functional


+40 747 408 005


Sfântu Gheorghe
str. Kriza János, nr. 4


Opening hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 9AM-1PM
Wednesday: 9AM-1PM
Thursday: 9AM-6PM
Friday: 9AM-1PM
Saturday: by advanced booking
Sunday: by advanced booking

Special out-of-hours tours available - advance booking required

various programs


TeleTár offers the below services:

showcasing equipment

technical sessions

learn and use the Morse code


science movies and documentaries

school field trips

Mission statement

The goal of Teletár is to acquire, preserve, and display the historical telecommunications equipment of Szeklerland, such as transmitters, receivers, audio and video recording devices and other related hardware.

Teletár will promulgate and disseminate the heritage of the telecommunications industry and be a resource for those interested in that history, including both children and adults.

The institution

About us

Teletár is the preserver of the telecommunication equipments of the Telecommunication Heritage of Szeklerland Association. The collection was donated to the association by engineering professor Ernő Csáky.

The Institution continuously collects, restores and displays old radios, TVs and other telecommunication equipments with the purpose to expand the initial collection.

The Telecommunication Heritage of Szeklerland Association was founded in the spirit of preserving the heritage. The founders undertook the maintenance responsibilities of the entire collection.

The Institution’s main goal is to collect, identify, catalogue, store, preserve and display the equipments and artifacts that have played an important role of the evolution of telephony and telecommunication.


"Let us cherish our memories, therefore gather them so as not to have them lost forever, and thus the past be more empty, the present be poorer and the future be more uncertain."

Arnold Ipolyi



The Showroom is an interactive exhibit offering hands-on visitor experiences by allowing the guests to try the displayed equipment.

The Training Room hosts electronics courses for beginner and intermediate groups, covering theory (getting to know basic equipment – measuring instruments, generators) and practical skills (soldering, error checking) as well. 

The training room also hosts the various small group activities, like presentations, workshops, classes, school field trips, science movies and documentaries, experiments, Morse code courses, amateur radio activities, DIY electrical work, repairing of home appliances, or – by arrangement – the organization of other technical activities.

The Library contains our textbook collection, which can be browsed on-site or borrowed upon request. The archives of the former local television (STV) are also stored and digitalized here. Old discs, audio- and videotapes can be listened to and watched in the Library.


Mailing address:
RO-520023 Sfântu Gheorghe
str. Kriza János, nr. 4

Founded by:
Telecommunication Heritage of Szeklerland Association

Bank account:
RO04 OTPV 3000 0121 4890 RO02

Teletár was founded with support from the Sfantu Gheorghe City Council

Our TEAm



Csaba Tóth-Birtan


Telecommunication Heritage of Szeklerland Association

Ernő Csáky


Telecommunication Heritage of Szeklerland Association


Csongor Beke